New Home.

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So today was the day… move in day. Its pretty hard to believe that I am really in college. However, it’s a good thing home is only an hour and a half away! But, who needs a sappy post… let’s see the dorm!!


Awwww hey look its me! As you can tell, I didn’t hold back on the preppy. I can honestly say that I am not ashamed either! Yes, we all know that I’m as basic as they come, so moving on.


There is my little home away from home for ya! I even have more room for clothes!! This means I need more…jk. Ok maybe I’m not kidding, who knows. I am actually pretty proud of how everything turned out…I mean just look at it !!

I would like to say that I got pretty lucky with the building that I am in. It’s the New Resdidents Hall, so obviously I am the first group of people to live here, which is pretty exciting. This also mean that everything in the building is brand new and super nice, which is also a plus.

Welp, there you have it, my little home away from home!


7 thoughts on “New Home.

  1. Lauren Smalley says:

    I so can’t believe you are in college! It seems only yesterday you were the same age as my girls! You’ve grown up so fast into a beautiful young lady! Can’t wait to watch and see what the future has in store for you! We love you!!

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  2. Libby says:

    Looks like you will be well organized, but you always have done a great job with that. You will be comfortable for all that studying that will come. But you will spend a lot of time away making friends and finding your niche.Love you and proud of you!!!!

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