the impact of a “like”.

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Hey there everyone! So, I realize that I haven’t posted here in a really long time, and I apologize for that. I started thinking today about why I haven’t posted, and I came up with two reasons.

  1. I have been super focused on school. (Which has paid off extremely well! #deanslist)
  2. I haven’t had anything to say, or I did think my ideas were good enough.

So, my second reason leads me to the topic of this post. When I started this blog, I couldn’t wait to share my life with you guys and for my opinions to be heard. I had so many ideas for posts and blog series that I wanted to do, but when I set down to write them, I would have second thoughts. Why would I have these second thoughts? I was worried concerned with others opinions of my work, or that it wouldn’t be good enough.

With the increase of social media, people are so wrapped up in the concept of the “like”, “favorite”, and “retweet”. The number of people that like your picture has become so important and relevant for some odd reason. Girls spend countless hours editing their picture to perfection. Once that picture “fits their instagram theme”, they then have to come up with the perfect caption. Putting this into words sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it’s true. I’m not afraid to admit that I too waste my time trying to create the perfect life on instagram. I’ve even received compliments in person about how cute my posts are and how people wish their instagram pictures could look like mine. (#goals….)  Why does it even matter? Since when has it become so important waste your life attempting to make it “look perfect”?

People are so concerned with other people’s perfect lives, that they are too afraid to share their own. If a post doesn’t get more than 10 like in 10 minutes, it gets deleted and posted at a later prime time. Yes, people have figured out what time of day they will get more likes. (Mine is around 5pm.) Why it matters? Who freakin knows!!

I personally believe that the obsession with the amount of likes on a seflie vs. the amount of favorites on a tweet says a lot about people today. I think it shows that people are way more concerned with appearance than the thoughts of others. This thought of mine is the core reason as to why I haven’t posted. I constantly ask myself if people will care about what I say, or care about the topic of the post. As I began to ask myself those same questions tonight, it hit me.

It doesn’t matter if the world appreciates your work. What matters is that you are proud of your work, and that it makes you happy. Your goal in life is not to please everyone. Your goal in life should be to do what makes YOU happy.

End rant.


“Whenever you feel unloved, unimportant, or insecure, remember to whom you belong.”

– Ephesians 2:19-22-



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