Things I Wish I Would Have Known About College.

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Hey there lovelies!

As I sit here and relfect on my freshman year of college, I realize that there are several things that I wish someone would have told me before going off to college, maybe even before applying! There are several things that  could have possibly made my freshman year so much easier, if only I would have known them. So, why not share my freshman year experiences (and some from watching others epically fail) and help some of you high schoolers out before you get to the lovely world of college. 

Things I wish I would have known about College.

AP Classes

Durning my freshman year of high school, I had a coach that told us AP classes were a waste of time, and that they did not help us in the long run. This is the furthest from true, and it is the one major thing that I wish I would have known before even applying for colleges. If you take one thing away from reading this post, take this. TAKE AP CLASSES KIDS! Yes, AP classes are hard, they are college level. Taking these college level courses is probably one of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for college. If you attend a college that accepts your credit from the courses, you will come into college with several course hours already completed. This is a life saver because they will most likely count toward your general education hours, and you will save yourself from having to sit in random classes. Even if you do not pass the exam to get the credit, you just might end up taking the same class again and make a good grade because you already know the material.

Another perk of taking higher level courses in high school is that it makes college easy! No joke!! Throughout high school, I was blessed to take all honors courses and several AP courses (dispite one of my coaches beliefs), which taught me how to manage heavy course loads and difficult matterial. Being able to learn this before coming to college is so important because you can spend time actually learning the material instead of learning how to college.

High School Friendships

We have always been told that the friendships you make in high school are going to be your life long friends. Sorry to say it, but this is not true. Unless you end up attending the same college, you and all of your 50 bffs are not going to stay close. Its practically impossible. However, there will be a several people that manage to stay in touch, and those are the ones you will have forever. You are going to lose a few people along the way, thats just life. One day you will realize that someone you used to spend hours upon hours talking to you hasn’t spoken to you in months, and thats ok. Why? Because college is where you find those life long friends, trust me.

New School, New You

No. Just no. Don’t even try. You’ll make yourself look dumb.

Before I came to college, I was so excited to start all over at a new school with new people that had no idea who I was. Going off to college seemed like the perfect opportunity to try to be a bigger and better verson of myself. However, when you meet new people, you tend to bond over your past experiences, so trying to detach yourself from your highschool career is impossible.

I am not saying its bad to start over and recreate yourself, but do so through new experiences and not fake ones. Also, don’t change your name your name to something like Texas (this acutally happened). College is a place for develping your professional career, so act accordingly. 

You Do Not Have To Do Everything

Throughout orientation, joining as many clubs and organizations as possible was highly inforced. Now, why you would preach this to a bunch of  high school graduates beats me. Adapting to all of the changes in your life is only going to be much more difficult will trying to manage every club in the book. You are not superman. You will end up having no time to study which defeats the purpose of even coming to college. So, don’t forget why you are here. 

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Be like jada… take a nap.

Do Your Research on Your University.

This may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised at the common sense levels of some college students… just saying.

Before you apply for college, do your research on the professors, campus, achedmic records, and overall repuation. Doing this before coming to Lander made my decison so much easier. An example of this is the fact that Lander is considered a suitcase school. This means that every weekend the majority of the students pack their bags and head home. Lander is a small town college, so it attracts students that are used to the easy going life of the surrounding counties in the state. Doing my research prepared me for this, and I’m perfectly okay with my hour and twenty minute drive home every friday afternoon. I can alwasy pick out students that failed to do their research because they are miserable 24/7. Save yourself the misery and make sure you are going to love the college you choose.

So, there you have it, a few random things that I have learned from these past few months. I really hope that this helps you during your first year and that you too successfully learn how to college!


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