Casual Photoshoot Outfit.

Untitled design

Welcome to the new fashion section of The Classy Redhead! On a lot of my instagram posts I get questions about what I’m wearing, so I figured I would feature my favorite outfits here! I hope you guys enjoy!

So for my first outfit feature, I am featuring an outfit that you guys got to see in one of my older posts, ItWorks Hair, Skin, and Nails Update. !


This outfit was super fun to wear for this day out. I absolutely loved the open back of this shirt! Super cute and flirty! {however I failed to get a good picture of the open back…. my bad}.

If you follow me on instagram, you’ll see that these are my go to pair of jeans! They are super stretchy!

Top: Old Navy

Jeans: Kancan Jeans

Shoes: Old Navy

Necklace: Target {This is a similar necklace}

However, I can not mention this day without all of the fun craziness that went on during this shoot!

Here are two lovely snaps of our shoot, and here are my beautiful besties!


I hope you guys enjoyed the first outfit! Stay tuned for more!!




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