From College to Home

So we all have seen the countless amounts of blog posts on moving away from home and going off to college. However, one thing that I have noticed is that no one really talks about what happens when you move back home in the summer time, well…. I am here to tell you all about it!

Move Out Day

I will say that this was probably the day that I dreaded the most out of the whole year. Just the thought of having to move out all of the stuff that accumulated throughout the year was daunting. Adding the thought of leaving my roommate to that stress only made it worse.

When that final day came, and our room was bare, life became real. I had survived my first year of college.

Im not really going to stress on this day much because I know everyone has read and seen all the sappy move out day stories… and I don’t to get all emotional on you guys here!

Ps. if you are interested in seeing what my dorm looked like, check out one of my first posts New Home. 

Moving Back In

This is the one thing I feel like people don’t really talk about. Once you manage to get the 10000000000 bags and boxes into your house, you realize you have to find somewhere for all of this stuff to go. This is the moment when I realized I literally had two of everything. I also realized that having two closets was not a healthy thing for me. Now my closet is exploding with clothes… not that this is a bad thing buttttt still.

Now that I am all settled in at home, I get the question from a lot of people, is it weird being back home? And I can honestly say nope, not one bit. Being back home feels just like it always did, because it’s HOME. Home is also where your cat is soooooo ya know that’s awesome.

One major plus about being home is being able to see your friends and family whenever you please.

There is also food, free food at that. So I mean if you don’t like food this may not be a plus for you, but if you are like me and the majority of college students, it’s great.

Looking Back

One thing that I’ve noticed about being home is that it makes being away seem like a dream. This may just be me because I am weird, but who knows. Some days I think back to living a dorm and being with all of my friends everyday and it’s weird. It honestly feels like one big fat dream. I can’t think of any other way to explain it. I guess this is because being back home is natural so it makes college feel like it didn’t even happen. However, I don’t know if this is the same for everyone, this is probably just me being my weird self.

In all, I would say my first year of college went amazingly. Yes there were times when I was completely terrified, but I survived. So, to all you incoming freshmen out there, YOU WILL SURVIVE. Trust me on that. This is coming from someone who manages to literally over think every little moment, so if I did it, you can too.





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