Summer Must Haves

Hey there everyone! So we all know that Memorial Day weekend is pretty much the kick off for all of the summertime festivities. Today I’m going to be sharing a few summertime beauty products that are perfect for my fellow fair-skinned beauties! (aka. da pale people)

summer products

COOLA SPF 30 Organic Makeup Setting Spray

Alrighty, let me just preach about this setting spray for a hot second…. IT’S AMAZING! This is by far the best setting spray I have ever used. This is saying a lot because I have used so many different kinds. I have super oily skin, and even with Smashbox setting spray, my makeup would no longer be on my face after a few hours. However, with this bad boy, this oily face girl’s makeup stays in place while protecting her face!

Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer

As we all know, Benefit products are amazing, and this matte bronzer is nothing short of that. I always find it hard to find bronzer colors that look natural to my skin tone, but this is probably one of my favorites. Is also really good for days when you are just laying out in the sun and still want to look put together. My favorite thing to do is throw on a little powder and a sweep of Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer, and I’m ready to go.

The Balm- Frat Boy

Now, I couldn’t share my favorite bronzer with you guys without sharing my favorite blush to pair with it! Frat Boy by The Balm is literally the bomb. It’s a super natural color that goes with any look. I can honestly say I wear it almost everyday.

Essie- Dehli Dance

dehli dance - pinks by essie

No, this isn’t a product specifically for the fair-skinned, but who doesn’t love a really good pink nail polish? This super adorable pink is apart of Essie’s new summer 2016 collection. I just might be moving this new shade to the top of my favorite pink polishes, considering its the only color I paint my nails.

Jergens Natural Glow

JERGENS<sup>®</sup> natural glow & Protect Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 20

So, I saved the best for last. If you guys haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a natural redhead. This means tanning is impossible ( however there are some redheads that actually tan… I hate you all). In order to not look like Edward Cullen every time I step out of the house, I use Jergens Natural Glow in Fair to Medium (shocking). One thing that I really love about this self tanner is that it doesn’t turn you in to umpa lumpa. I usually use it right after I get out of the shower at night, so when I wake up in the morning I’m magically a tad darker. Ps. It also smells amazing, unlike other brands.

So, there you have it, my go to products for the summer. If you clicked on the majority of the links you might have realized that they are from Birchbox. Why you ask? Because I’m addicted to Birchbox and all of the amazing products that show up on my doorstep monthly! I highly suggest that everyone check them out! I’m the type of person that is always wanting to try out new products, but never knows what to try first. Birchbox is amazing because they select products that fit my beauty needs and they never fail to disapppoint. If you are interesting in trying it out for a month, click here !

This super fun summer themed post is apart of NC Prepsters Summer Link Up! To see all of the amazing blogs in this link up, head over to NC Prepsters !

Hope you guys enjoyed!




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