Pink on Pink

For this week’s outfit feature I decided to go with my favorite color… PINK!! It’s pretty rare that you find me without some sort of pink on, so here is how I styled the best color in the world. Ps. There is a major blogging fail story included in this post!



I got my pink and white striped button up from Forever 21. You can find this similar shirt just about anywhere that sales button ups. If you are interested in this same style, I will link this seasons button up from Forever 21.


Jcrew Factory is my go to other than Lilly for skirts. There are so many different color options and you can find this style skirt in stores year round!


Now these Jack Roger Sparkle Sandals are literally my favorite. I wear them with just about everything! I mean they are gold and glittery so what more could you need??


Earrings and Necklace: Forever 21

Watch: Kate Spade

Bracelet: Shop Luels


Now I saved the best for last! I’m completely in love with my new Kate Spade purse! Just recently, the Kate Spade Outlets were 60% off the entire store, so I scored this 300+ bag for 140! SCORE!


Sarah’s Outfit


Sarah also tagged along for this super fun photo shoot! Her outfit includes:

Top: Target Off the Shoulder Ruffle Top

Jeans: Kancan Jeans

Shoes: Old Navy

Purse: Michael Kors Megan Tassel Crossbody bag

Jewelry: The oyster shell necklace is handmade by me! Earrings: Target Gold Hoop Earrings bracelets: Alex and Ani

Blogging Fail

So yes, sometimes Jada isn’t the smartest girl in the world. Sometimes Jada forgets to check the camera for the memory card before leaving the house, and arrives to the location to take pictures without a way to save pictures. Thankfully Iphones are awesome and can take amazing pictures! I also was smart enough to grab the selfie stick before leaving the house, so the photo shoot was saved!!!

We also were a great source of entertainment to everyone in Falls Park on The Reedy with our selfie stick! Oh well!




Click the photo to shop my Look via Stylinity


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