Pineapple Craze!

I’m pretty sure just about everyone this summer has seen the pineapple craze! I have no clue where it came from, but I love it! I will say that I too am super guilty of having the pineapple obsession as well. Here are some of my favorite pineapple inspired products that I have come across!

Pineapple Craze

Pineapple Monograms

Yes… I put a pineapple monogram on my phone. Judge me. One new hobby that I have taken up this summer is monograming. So, I had to make myself some pineapples! If you are interested in my monograms, check my page out on facebook, Jada’s Monogramming!

Alex and Ani Pineapple Bangle


This Alex and Ani is literally my favorite one! I wear it all the time because it’s so adorable. It also looks really good holding a starbucks cup, but what doesn’t?

Pineapple Floats

Alright, so this isn’t something that I actually own, but I wish I do! I will admit that I am totally jealous of all these super cute pictures on pinterest and instagram of people with these adorable float! Like I neeeddddd….. if only I had a pool….

Pool Float- Pineapple:

Pineapple Float

Pineapple Shorts

I will admit to owning two pairs of Pineapple themed shorts. I just couldn’t help myself!


 The shorts on the left are from J Crew a few seasons back. The shorts on the right are from the brand I Love Derek! They also have pompoms, so they are super cute for the summer!

Pineapple Wallpapers

Lastly, another way I’ve been expressing my love for pineapples is through my home screen. Here are a few of my favorite pineapple themed wallpapers I’ve been using!

 : Wallpaper 1

@conconocado: Wallpaper 2

gold pineapple print: Wallpaper 3



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