How I’m Staying In Shape This Summer

So it’s been a little over two months since I came home for summer break. During this time, I’ve changed up a few of my habits in order to stay active and to stay in shape. Here are some of the things that I have adapted into my routine!

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Eating Habits

One major change that I have applied to my eating habits is cut back on the unhealthy snacking. It’s so easy while being at home all day to just grab a bag of chips or something sweet and eat until you aren’t hungry anymore.

Now when I get the munchies between meals, I go for fresh veggies, fruit, or lightly salted popcorn (Skinny Pop).

One app that I have found helpful is MyFitnessPal. This app allows you to log what you eat and shows you all the nutrients and calories that you take in. I know that many people associate calorie counting with trying to lose weight, however, you can use it to maintain your weight as well. Once you enter your information in the app, it asks for your physical activity level and your weight goal. This is when you are given the option of maintaining your current weight or to lose weight. The app then gives you all the information you need to achieve your goal in the healthiest way possible!


Getting Active

Finding the motivation to actually get up and be active was a hard one for me, not gonna lie. At the beginning of the summer I was super motivated to get up every morning and go for a run, but that was when it was about 72 degrees in the mornings. Now, it’s about 86-94 by the time I get up and get ready to go for a run. So running isn’t really happening right now unless I run at night when it is cooler.

A great app that I have found to be useful with running is called MapMyRun. This app is super cool because not only can you see how far you ran, but how many calories burned and your average pace. You can also use the app for any other physical activities by simply changing your workout type. Another perk of this app is that you can connect it to MyFitnessPal and see how many calories you burned vs. what you have taken in.


My second favorite app that keeps me active is called Sworkit. Sworkit is literally the greatest thing ever! It is like having your own personal trainer wherever you go! After I finish my runs, I usually use Sworkit for simple strength training or yoga for runners. Once you choose your exercise you can choose the length which can be any time between 5 minutes to an hour! This app also connects to MyFitnessPal as well!

Drinking Water

As simple as drinking water sounds, it’s something that I have had to change. I will admit that I am super guilty of not drinking enough water. I am one to substitute sweet tea and coffee for water….oops. In order to increase the amount of water I drink, I have started drinking a lot of flavored waters, or detox waters. I like to keep my detox waters simple by cutting up a small cucumber and half a lemon and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight. I personally think that when you mix the lemon and cucumber that it almost tastes like a non-carbonated sprite, but that’s just me. There are tons of detox water recipes on Pinterest, and they are all really good in my opinion!

Now, I’m no health expert, but these are just a few tips that I have found super helpful this super as I try to stay healthy! If you guys have found any other awesome tips, let me know! I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Stay healthy!



2 thoughts on “How I’m Staying In Shape This Summer

  1. Mrs Mother Dirt says:

    I love MyFitnessPal. I had no idea how much those handfuls of chocolate chips, pretzels or eating 4-5 pieces of fruit a day add up! Especially in sugar! It also made me realize that for me, snacking was a form of procrastination. I hope your momentum keeps going!

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