August Blues

Just like everyone else with a pulse, I am dreading the whole back to school thing. Just the thought of my everyday 8ams and 18 hours makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry. (Yes I made my schedule, and I had no choice πŸ˜•.) However, I have two weeks left before I move into my new apartment, and three weeks left before I have to be a morning person again. So, I am going to be soaking in the rest of summer these next few weeks!

Today I got to spend the day back in my college town with the boyfriend! We did the typical movie date thing because you all know that I’m pretty typical. Although, one thing about me that’s not pretty typical is the fact I have a blog. So, if I get all dressed up for a date, the boyfriend knows that pictures for the blog are a must (he’s a quick learner πŸ˜‰).

Here is a quick and easy summer outifit for you guys!




As you can tell it was slightly windy…..


If you are interested in all of the details of my look for today, you can check them out below!

Click the photo to shop my Look via Stylinity





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