Stress pt.2

Hey there everyone! So it has been awhile since I’ve posted anything about the joys of college, and I figured there is no better time to write a post than while I’m supposed to be writing a paper…

Currently: I just downed a Moe’s Burrito and I’m binge watching New Girl like it’s my job. Why? College midterm week, that’s why. There are so many thing going on this week that could possibly cause anyone to have a mental breakdown… or four. However I am causally blogging…nbd. Here’s a look at my week.

M: Botany exam

W: Honors Literature Paper (what I should be doing), Physics Quiz

T: Botany Practical

F: Statistics Exam

I am forever grateful that my Physics exam was moved to next week, because I would be #ded. Shoutout to professors who actually understand that they aren’t the only class that students are taking.

Another thing going on this week is sorority big/ little week (shoutout to you biggie!!! even though I don’t know who you are yet..) I wouldn’t say that this is something adding to the copious amount of stress I have right now but ya know, it’s a thing.

One thing about all of the hundreds of college blogs and preparation posts out there, is that none of them can mentally prepare you for the amount of stress that you will have. One week you could have absolutely nothing (not if you are a science major) and the next you could have four to five exams/quizzes all at once. College is super unpredictable, and that’s just life.


So to every college student out there in the same position as me….

giphy (1).gif

we got this.



If you are interested in my first stress post, check it out here. College. Life. Stress.



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